Yoga, Pilates and Meditation

Temperature: 40 degrees. The lesson lasts 90 minutes.
Intensive! Stretching, and sweat! This kind of yoga, practiced in a heated room, is perfect both for beginners and advanced students who are looking for new challenge.
Meditation and intensive posture are thought together, creating a perfect work out for the whole body.

Temperature: 40, duration: 75 minutes
Pure flow, with this dynamic style, made out of a mixture of traditional positions, mixed with modern yoga techniques. Students from all levels improve their flexibility, power, resilience, inward freedom, moving from one posture to another, and discovering new body frontiers, breathing forms, and movement possibilities.

Temperature: 30 Degrees, duration: 60 minutes
This 60 minutes yoga session is perfect for beginners who want to prepare for Hot Yoga. It is perfect for finding better body awareness, and for approaching breathing techniques.

Slow rhythm where postures are maintained for long intervals (from 3 to 20 minutes) are the main feature of Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga applies a gentle stress on muscles such as tendons, ligaments, bones, and other joints which are not usually involved in other yoga practices such as Yan Yoga. The aim is to stimulate blood circulation, improve blood circulation, improve mobility and flexibility. It is adapt to students of all levels and a perfect completion to other yoga styles, and to all intensive sports. It is also a challenge for everyone, as it stimulates parts of the body rarely involved in other sports.

Hatha yoga takes us to a state of perfect harmony between active and passive part of our body, and unifies body, mind, intelligence, ego and soul. Hatha Yoga divides itself in physical exercise, (asana), breathing exercises, (Pranayama) and exercises with a particular kind of breathing (Mudra), and techniques for deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) This method shows how we can find inner harmony and peace, mental strength, and our personal virtues.

A fun practice for children. Fun positions in order to favour self- exploring, and body awareness in a non competitive but nourishing atmosphere.



Pilates lessons are of the following four kinds:

  • SEMI-PRIVATE (2 people)
  • MINI GROUP (4 people)

Each lesson lasts 55 minutes and is booked in advance.

    Before beginning the lessons, the trainer will meet each individual in order to plan a tailor made course.

In order to obtain good results we strongly advise at least two weekly lessons. Pilates is perfect for people of every age, who wish to improve their mental and physical well being
Pilates, through a specific program also helps an athlete to improve his performances in other sports.


Meditation is fundamental for every life journey, the benefits of meditation are many, and studies on this subject are evolving continually
It is often used as a remedy against stress, and for improving our humor.

Some of the benefits:

  • Helps to fix a disturbed sleep pattern
  • Reduces digestion problems
  • Increments concentration capacity
  • Makes the mind more serene and alert
  • Develops a sense of well being
  • Increments mental facolties
  • Clarifies ideas (even in more critical moments)
  • Develops self awareness
  • Develops endorphins (which produce a sense of well being)
Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 26+2 Yoga Sangat Yoga Sangat Yoga
17:00 Yoga Detox Yoga Detox
18:00 Sangat Yoga Sangat Yoga
19:00 26+2 Yoga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Yin Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa  Yoga (1h30) pacchetto extra Yin Yoga
20:00 Vinyasa Flow Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (1h30) 26+2    Yoga Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Regolamento e Consigli
  • all mobile phones must be switched off during lessons
  • Payments must be made monthly, between the first and the fifth of the month