Natural Bio Discipline

Natural Bio Disciplines are all those techniques which although not strictly medical, promote the individual’s Psychophysical well being and balance.


Naturopathy Advice


Naturopathy is a discipline which bases itself on different methods of natural integration in order to maintain a good health.

The fundamental concepts are:

  • Respect for the biological life rules
  • Attention to the person, and not only to the specific problem
  • Correct diet
  • Energetic re- balance
  • Detoxication
Holistic Massage

Holistic massage

A special massage which aims to sooth and stimulate the natural re- balancing of our energy meridians.

In this massage we mix the following ingredients:  the quality of body contact, energy exchange, the power of communication.

In touching a person you can establish contact with that person’s mind, and communicate with his whole body.

What do we work on?

Emotional stress, muscular tension, balance between body and mind.

What happens exactly?

The massage therapist adapts his massage according to each individual. Usually the therapist begins with a general treatment on the whole body, and then he concentrates on removing the tensions, using specific methods, using special oils, and sometimes clay.


Ayurveda in Sanskrit means ”Life science”. It really is the “science of life well being”, where mind body and soul have the same importance, and their balance is considered essential to the individual’s health.